I Was Afraid of the Dentist

When you are first new to a town, I suppose it is customary to find a dentist right away along with a doctor, hair stylist and other people like that. For me though, the thought never crossed my mind. That is because I am not the type to get regular cleanings and exams, or at least I wasn’t until recently. When I woke up not long ago with the most awful pain in my mouth, I knew that I was going to have find a dentist that does dental fillings and capping in Wollongong.

Even though it hadn’t been examined yet, I had a feeling that it was a cavity that was going to need to be filled. Even though I was in a lot of pain, I still took my time looking over different dentists on my computer. I knew that I had to find the right one if there was any hope of me going back to him or her. See, I had this fear of dentists that stemmed from a childhood visit. I just remember a lot of pain, and a lot of crying, and most of it was real, not from fear.

I might be in my 30s, but I still wanted to find a dentist that was going to cater to someone like me. I did not want someone who was going to rush me through a visit. I knew as soon as I looked at one dental website that it was the right one for me. I made my appointment, and they were actually able to see me that same day. It was just a case of needing a filling, but so much more happened that day. it was the day that I started to trust in having a dental team again. I have been back twice for cleanings and exams now, and I don’t even shake anymore!