Planning a Lad’s Trip to London

My pals and I have decided we are going to have another trip to London some time this Fall. Of course this sort of thing usually gets out of control with some of the lads. Obviously we are going to drink and check out the club scene down there. We probably go check out the club scene. Last time we were down there Ian got really loaded and called up some London escort service. I think it was one like this one, At any rate he ended up blowing about 700 pounds on this girl. She was a gorgeous girl from one of those East European countries, I think that she was a Slovak, but I am not sure. At any rate she spoke English with a very thick accent and I was never really sure that she understood what I was saying. Ian apparently only wanted to keep her for the hour, which would have cost him a hundred pounds. I think another hour after that was a hundred and ten pounds more. At any rate he woke up the next morning and she was still there, apparently ordering a big breakfast from room service. He knew that he was going to end up getting charged for the whole night, so he decided that he may as get his money’s worth. That apparently is not that easy when you are as hung over as he was. Once he got the girl out of there he went back to sleep and we did not see him again until that evening. Of course by then we were getting packed up and heading back home. We all had to be at work the next morning. In fact we hit a pub with all of our stuff in the van we had rented all the same.