We Plan on Making It a Real Party

My family and I have been going to the Tree Lighting Celebration in Barrie for several years now. It started off with my brother and his wife going, and they invited me and my wife the following year. We enjoyed it so much that we knew we wanted to have the entire family join us for the next year. That was last year, and we all took our own vehicles. We are all going this year again, but we are doing it smarter and doing a Toronto limo bus rental instead of taking individual cars.

It is just the smart thing to do. What started as two people going a few years ago has turned into 24 of us this year. It was hard enough to find a decent parking spot for one car a few years ago let alone six last year. We knew we would never do that again, but we were not willing to give up on the Tree Lighting Celebration because it is just too much fun. So, we decided to give up on driving ourselves there for it. We knew that if we took a limo party bus, we would be able to have even more fun.

None of us are heavy drinkers, so it was not the fact that the party bus has a bar in it that is appealing to us. What is, however, is that we would all be in a very warm and comfortable bus, having fun during the hour long trip there as well as the hour long ride home. We would be able to all stop and have dinner somewhere in there too. Just being together, and not having to worry about parking, is the reason we are being smart this year and taking a party bus. We plan on making it a real party too!