We Are a Lot Happier Now

My sister and I had been talking about looking at apartments in Alamo Heights together. We were both living with our parents at the time, but we were driving anywhere between 40 minutes to an hour every day for work, depending on good or bad traffic was. We were making good money working at the companies that we were at, so we decided to go ahead and look for an apartment together. It made no sense for us to get separate apartments. We are really close to one another, so I knew that there would be no problems with the two of us sharing an apartment.

Our biggest issue was finding an apartment that we both liked because we do tend to have different tastes on some things. I was really surprised that we were able to find something we agreed on as quickly as we did. The apartment that we have now is a two bedroom unit with two bathrooms. That is really nice that we will each have our own bathroom! We decided that she would take the master bedroom with the master bath because she will be home a lot more than me. It just made sense that she would have the bigger room since she does work from home a lot more than I do.

The amenities that come with the apartment is what really pleased both of us. She is the more serene one of the two of us. She would rather hike on a trail and take a break to read a book of poetry while I am the most active one. I am happy when I am swimming, playing tennis or volleyball, or just hanging out with some good friends. This apartment complex offers enough for both of us to have exactly what we want. It was hard on our parents to have us both move out, but we are a lot happier now!

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